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October 10, 2010

How does it feel to have a 66 yo grandma in your bed. I guess it’s good! This horny chubby grandma is reavealing her tits and hairy cunt on the porch. That was a nice village day with a lot of fun with this biatch! She takes care of her all family but today she [...]

This crazy grandma from LustyGradnmas got finally satisfied! She was looking for a good fuck for the last weeks! It’s not easy to find someone who’s willing to bang your wet pussy when your’re over 50. This grandma got finally screwed by the LustyGrandmas team. Watch her old cunt dripping cause it’s that wet!  Check [...]

I’m looking at this pic and I’m still confused. Is it ass fisting or pussy fisting? Or maybe it’s fake and the hand is just behind thi horny grandma’s ass? Well I don’t know but this doesn’t change the fact that this brown haired mature babe is ready for anything! She had so many dicks, [...]

October 9, 2010

Grandmas and mature woman love doggystyle! If the guys wants to screw a woman from behind that usually means that he admires her ass! And what old women care about most? They care to look good and they need to be sure that their ass still looks good and sexy! These grandma babes at LustyGrandmas [...]

We are grandma lovers here at this blog and we like when guys show love for them as well. LustyGrandmas guys show the love in form of providing these old sluts with their own cocks! That’s the best present for a horny elder pussy, don’t you think? What I saw on their movies is that it [...]

October 3, 2010

There’s no better present for a horny 60yo woman than a hot, hard ready for penetration DICK! We gave this bitch a ride of her life! She was so happy (well, you can see her wide smile on her face, don’t you?) to try this young guy! She was curious how long he can hold [...]

Fuck me! This mature cock whore is crazy! She would absolutely never refuse sex! I mean, come on, this slut is already 60 or something and her cunt is still itchy for a dick! If she doesn’t get a good fucke every single day she gets grumpy and mean to people! She’s addicted to fucking! [...]

December 17, 2009

Fucking in the bushes? Why not. I don’t see a problem at all1 You wanna screw this stranger chubby grandma? She was more than willing to take this young cock up her throat! The guy was pushing his dick deeper and deeper and this chubby lusty grandma started to gag. She is a professional cock [...]

Here we go with another sexy mature ass. If you like old chicks you have to be prepared for some hair on their ass and pussy! Yep, that makes it special when you fuck a granny! Most of them don’t shave and leave their old cunts in the 70’s retro style – untouched by razors [...]

She’s been a naughty granny recently! Not doing what her younger friend was asking for. Always grumpy and lazy. The only way to stop her being a bitch was to punish her! With the tool called giant young cock! Tihs babe deserved it! At the same time, it cheered her up as well! Look how [...]

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